Busy Holidays

I have been so busy with each Holiday that tumbles in, and having some health issues, that I just have not been able to get on here to attack what I want with Blog Challenges and my own challenge, or just anything!

Soon, I hope very soon, I will come back with a vengeance!

Until then, many New Year wishes to everyone that may peek here, and if it’s just me…Happy New Year, you!

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Oh boy oh boy..

Been a little out of it and behind on so many things, but I’m hoping to catch up as this week progresses into the next, or is that just this week? Hmm!? Anyway, I will be catching up all around as soon as I can because it’s getting much better lately!

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Weekly Words Challenge: Crisp & Clean

I thought of laundry. Um..yeah, I know, but I did!!! So here we go! My model, Valia Catseye, waiting on some laundry while looking a little exposed in the laundry room! Fun, playful idea, right?! And her AO moved perfectly into a very modest, “my goodness this laundry is taking forever!” pose!

Crisp & Clean


Weekly Words Challenge information: Right here!

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Alphabet Blog Challenge – M

I did two L’s this time and had no idea I did, and I blame the Holiday Weekend for that! I won’t hide the second L though, and stick it up here on my blog, just not add it to the Alphabet Blog Challenge photo set because I don’t wanna mess up their space! I did do the M, though, and was very happy with the ending. My friend, Valia, posed for me. She has challenging skin! Dark, but velvety so. I was very happy how bright colors came out on her skin and she had a great outfit that worked for what I was looking for! So here is my M with model, Valia Catseye!

Oops, another L


Alphabet Blog Challenge - Letter M

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Music to Design Blog Challenge – Wild Thing

Challenge: Place clothing and design with music! How do you hear the music and interpret it into design and clothing? This is where design and fashion meets up with music and music meets up with design and fashion! Use your imagination! Anything is possible!

Song Choice Number One: Wild Thing by The Troggs

Song on YouTube: Here.

Originally recorded in 1965 by The Wild Ones
“Wild Thing” is best known for it’s 1966 cover
by the English band The Troggs, which reached
Number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in July of
1966. The song peaked at one position lower in

It is listed in Rolling Stone magazine’s list
of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time at number

More information on Wikipedia, here.

I first had the idea of using the other song by Tone Loc, but I went punk with the designs and I just wasn’t feeling it. So I went back to The Troggs because the song feels more and gives more than Tone Loc’s song.(Tone Loc’s is FUN, though, I do love it!)

I listened to The Troggs version a few times before I came up with a hippy girl look, flopping around as if she was at Woodstock. Don’t have a clue why, I just went with it!

So what can you come up with for the song Wild Thing, by The Troggs? Don’t forget to post your pictures in the group on Flickr, and tag back here so I can see what you did and why!

Flickr Group Here

Wild Thing

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My Blog Challenge – OMG – What am I thinking?

I was thinking about a blog challenge to do on my own for so long that I decided to just…start a group on Flickr and start posting on my own, and if anyone follows…that’s cool, and if not, that’s ok too! I want to do this for me because I love music. Music is something that feeds me in so many ways! Along the way of hanging out in SL and just enjoying a few shopping trips, I noticed Designers have radio stations playing that they like…and I started to pay attention to how it affected my shopping!

I thought, why not make a musical to design challenge? I don’t know enough people because I’m a SL hermit (Oh I really am…) to back this up, really, but I’m hoping…that maybe..some word to mouth things may happen!

The way this is going to work is…I’m going to pick out songs from various genres and use the title of the song, and even the lyrics..or the way it makes me feel…to create an outfit to echo what the music does to me. Maybe something fun, maybe something emotional…something gorgeous or pretty..something rockin’ or punked out!! Just as long is makes me feel SOMETHING with my music and style sense!

This will go on for several weeks. I’m not sure how many yet, maybe, 30? Maybe more. I just know that I want to do this so badly I’m being crazy and starting all of this!!!?

Yep, I’m crazy..oh gosh am I crazy…

Name of the Blog Challenge: Music to Design Blog Challenge

Flickr location: Music to Design

First official post coming up!!

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Alphabet Blog Challenge – L

Again, I used Clancey for the Alphabet Blog Challenge. I love using her, maybe because she is new and fresh, or maybe because she’s more flexible than someone I’ve played for a few years. I have Loik down. I know her style, her flavor in clothing and furniture and design. She is seasoned well and marinated in all the SL juices! But Clancey is brand new baby skin SL newb and using her is going to get her started on a good path of adventure in SL!

The letter L wasn’t so easy, I only had a few items, and one item, is a cheater. Sadly. I find myself cheating often but HEY, I can’t HELP that! I work with what I have and on the SL designer streets it’s all or NOTHING baby!

Letter L

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