Music to Design Blog Challenge – Wild Thing

Challenge: Place clothing and design with music! How do you hear the music and interpret it into design and clothing? This is where design and fashion meets up with music and music meets up with design and fashion! Use your imagination! Anything is possible!

Song Choice Number One: Wild Thing by The Troggs

Song on YouTube: Here.

Originally recorded in 1965 by The Wild Ones
“Wild Thing” is best known for it’s 1966 cover
by the English band The Troggs, which reached
Number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in July of
1966. The song peaked at one position lower in

It is listed in Rolling Stone magazine’s list
of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time at number

More information on Wikipedia, here.

I first had the idea of using the other song by Tone Loc, but I went punk with the designs and I just wasn’t feeling it. So I went back to The Troggs because the song feels more and gives more than Tone Loc’s song.(Tone Loc’s is FUN, though, I do love it!)

I listened to The Troggs version a few times before I came up with a hippy girl look, flopping around as if she was at Woodstock. Don’t have a clue why, I just went with it!

So what can you come up with for the song Wild Thing, by The Troggs? Don’t forget to post your pictures in the group on Flickr, and tag back here so I can see what you did and why!

Flickr Group Here

Wild Thing

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