Alphabet Blog Challenge – K

I started early on a few of these to keep up because sometimes my time divided between RL and SL is just frantic. So, while I was working on the Newbie Style Challenge 2 from over there at JUICYBOMB I went ahead and used Clancey to handle some of my Alphabet Blog Challenge letters!

K was fun, and I had a few new items while browsing hunts recently as well as Marketplace for Clancey’s inventory. It’s a challenge in itself to use Clancey as a subject for any of these Blog Challenges because she has a limited inventory due to being so new! Some items I would have on Loik come to mind immediately for the challenges but if I’m working with someone else I have to work harder! I like that! So for K, here we are:

Letter K


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Alphabet Blog Challenge – J

The Alphabet Challenge!!! Egh, J, and I used my newbie from the Newbie Challenge as the Letter Holder this time and she has limited inventory! But, she did have a few things! Rock on, Clancey, rock on! (Yes, I may have cheated on the Jedwabne ukojenie name, however!!!!, it’s too damn cute to ignore! I believe it’s “silk solace” but…I am Google guessing..)

Letter J

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Clancey – Newbie Style Challenge II

A new challenge, yay! My brain has been mush lately on any challenges or work so this one will help me get back into the swing of posting, I hope! The Newbie Style Challenge II is already under way, and even though there was tons of time, I made my gal in just under four hours. Knowing your way around places and things, I guess…it just helped. Plus, once I found the skin I wanted? Ooo la la, I was off! The skin really does just make the avi for me!

Add in the fact that I did two different styles of Newb for this challenge and, well, I guess I could say, like most seasoned players, I could make Newbie Style fast and fab in no time!! The possibilities with designer help out there is amazing and spread out to the point you can make a damn good newb in very little time!

Best things in this post: FREE items! Hair, Skin, shoes. Vignette 

Vignette has shapes, hair, and shoes galore! Vignette is a wonderful place for starting out! Everything is free and runs on donations! I have brought many new people to Vingette to don some shoes and shapes or hair because of this, and of course, donated in the jar to help keep her going! It’s a wonderful stop for many items for new people and made extremely well things, too, not just toss them out freebies!

Other yummy things: The skins at Mother Goose. Mother Goose’s has at least 34 or more Lucky Boards on a wall that gives away skins of all kinds! There are even a couple of male skins. There is no need to join a group – and the boards are all in one area so it’s just sit and wait for your letter to appear! There aren’t many variants of skin tones on these skins, but, they are whimsical, fun, flirty and some just plain beautiful! For a new person in Second Life it’s an easy heaven! A link to the store below:

.::Mother Goose’s::.

On to the fun! The pictures!

Clancey's Style One

Clancey's Style - Face

Clancey's Style One - The Shoes!

All the information:

Dress: Bubblez Design Freebie
Baby Winter Blue Skirt

Shape: ***Freebiesowo*** Marysia

Eyebrow Shape: ***Freebiesowo***  Marysia

Eyes: .::Prowincja::. First Signt Dark Violet

Hair: D!va “Maya” Onyx

Skin: al vulo! Chen* Blackpearl Choco (Group Gift)

Shoes: Baby Monkey Freebie
Ultimate Vegas Blue

I made that outfit so fast I wanted to do some more so I got into some other modes and stores I knew that would have good freebies or cheap clothing and went for it. However, I didn’t put any money into Clancey. She had no Lindens! So everything I picked up for her was free!

Clancey Outfit Two

Clancey Outfit Two - Close Up

Clancey Outfit Two - The Skirt

All the information:

Shoes: Baby Monkey Freebie
Kitty Flat

Corset: Baby Monkey Freebie
Retro Corset – Bright Rose

Skirt: Baby Monkey Freebie
Imogen Skirt Baby Monkey Pink

Hair: Bubblez Designs Freebie
Manoly Hair

Skin: al vulo! Chen* Blackpearl Choco (Group Gift)

Shape: ***Freebiesowo*** Marysia

Eyebrow Shape: ***Freebiesowo***  Marysia

Eyes: .::Prowincja::. First Signt Dark Violet

Poses: Free at D!va
Sit 18 & Stand 46

And then a change of plans and a mix of items and skins and things came into play because it’s extremely amazing to see the multi-uses for new comers now compared to what we had back before 2004!!! (Oh my gosh can you believe that time? My first avi was so, so frightening! And now look at them! Amazing compared to the old days!)

Clancey Times Two

Great Dress!

Close Up - Lovely!

The Boots!

And More Skins

Just amazing what you can do now with no money and great designers backing you up with amazing styles!

The information:

Shoes: In Her Shoes
Warm Winter Boots

Dress: Bubblez Designs
Group Gift
Silvatori Outift

Bracelets: Tomorrow Outfit parts, Fur Bracelet
Bubblez Designs

Hair w/Hat: Vignette
Winter Nights Rose

Skin:  .::Mother Goose’s::. MiChi (Pimple)

Shape:  Marysia Shape

Eyebrow Shape: ***Freebiesowo*** Marysia

Eyes:  .::Prowincja::. First Signt Dark Violet

Poses: Free at D!va

Second Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. + Yu +LB

Third Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. Monika – Freckle

Fourth Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. Poki2

Fifth Skin:  .::Mother Goose’s::. Trudy

Sixth Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. Nell

Seventh Skin:  .::Mother Goose’s::. Ulika skin

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Blog Challenge: A Quiet Place

Blog Challenge from JuicyBomb! (Quiet Place – but a new one is up too!)

Kind of late on this but with everything going on with me in the real it’s hard to have fun in the Second! I really thought a lot of about this challenge. I have been to many beautiful sims that can qualify as quiet. Heck, even a few sims I shop on, that are loaded with shoppers, even have a quiet nook you can hang out in sometimes. (Thank goodness some designers don’t mind you hanging out in their stores and make places that are fun to hang out on!) And some designers plop their store down and put whimsical things out that just make you smile. Indi Designs is a great location that has a nice area with trees, rabbits…it’s just very comfy! DE Designs is another location I enjoy! But, I didn’t choose them for this.

I am, however, taking you to a place I absolutely flock to when I can: Fields of Heather! It is a sim based on Wuthering Heights. But particular in that it is zeroed in on the Earnshaw homestead! (Some interesting information on that here: Wuthering.)

The owner is Tah (tahiti.rae), and she has done a beautiful, exquisite design on the whole sim! It’s explorable, there are pose balls placed in places to enjoy the sim (Including a dance ball up on the lighthouse I constantly bring my partner too. *Sigh* Im giving up a spot that’s wonderful and now we’ll probably lose it!) A favorite item I found with Tah:

Betray your own heart, much less that of another, and you will forever stand in the Fields of Heather
~ Tah

Description of her sim:

WELCOME to a re-creation of the Earnshaw homestead based on Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.  The goal was recreate the location inspired by the 1992 film, the beauty of the rolling moors over the dales, & most of all, the magic and tragedy of love.

And now, some pictures! I couldn’t just do one!

Fields of Heather



The Stream




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52 Weeks of Color – Favorite 15

The 52 Weeks of Color Challenge has come to a halt and now I’ve had the difficult time figuring out which one’s were my top 15. I didn’t do them by color, but by the entire package. So here we go, no blah blah’ing going on!

15. Gray. Why? It was my first color, and nearly my first return to blogging blog, and my first time of creativity and sparkles of interest in a very, very long time. Plus, it’s meaning: me waiting for something. Even now I wonder if it’s waiting for someone or myself.


14. Goldenrod. Why? I was learning how to use my art program. I was learning about color use and size and all sorts of things with layout, or in this case, maybe not-so-much-so-layout, and I love goldenrod and what it brings to my memories.


13. Yellow. It’s not that the color tones of yellow are a favorite pattern here. This yellow brought out my fun side, my zany side, and maybe a little bad ass I see in the lower corner on the right? I’m not like this now, but I was like this Back Then. My inner teen must have came out for a little bit in this set. And I’m glad she did.


12. Green. This one still makes me smile. My Sci-Fi Geek came out to play. I like Sci-Fi, and I know some things about most things in that part of the Geek Universe. Enough to know that Geek Universe is probably a bad way of describing it, but hey, Simple is good. My alien lady, and some fun ways of taking pictures in SL using the Firestorm camera settings, sky settings….etc..etc..


11. Silver. I just love this one because of it’s entirety. The softness, but the sharp in it…the shimmer…the lights..


10. Green. Green!? yeah…well…I like the Mirror Part of this. I haven’t tried to replicate this, yet, but I will. It will be even better when I do.


9. Black. Because it’s extreme. Because that extreme is in me when I want it out. Because it’s just plain damn cool!


8. Sky Blue. Disco. Disco is always the reason and always the answer! Boy can I really say that with a huge grin on my face and mean it!

Sky Blue

7. White. Soft. Simple. Very me in some moments. One of my personalities that rarely makes an appearance, and if I may say, a little sexy and mysterious too!


6. Olive. It has another story behind the picture. A waiting. Not sure who I’m waiting for, again, when I did this I thought people but maybe…’s me I’m waiting for? Still love the set up and idea, and it’s one of my favorites.


5. Patriarch. I didn’t even LIKE doing this color, but I love the concept behind it and my favorite part is Jaeryn in it! I found an old friend through Second Life and he’s it, and I am so happy I did…and this one, though it doesn’t show our sense of humor, it does show our friendship and how I’ll forever stand by him no matter what.


4. Celadon….ah, yeah, again, the color was whacky but the idea behind the picture brought back a lot of memories – and showed me I need a lot of damn work on my shadowing! I really messed up on a lot of things in the picture, but I actually like the mistakes in it! Hmm, go figure!


3. Pink. This because of the meaning behind the color and why I did it and not because of the wild, too much picture squared, too much pink, actions. Cancer sucks. Pink reminds me of that, but it also reminds me of the strength of those going through cancer and how strong and beautiful they are. Inside and out.


2. Ruby. When I did this picture I slapped on a skirt to go with it to head over to a club and see a favorite DJ. Just like this. I was given many compliments to the designer (does that mean me?) and I was very happy someone got the idea behind it all!


1. I don’t know why this one’s my favorite, but it is. It’s just a simple click, cut, paste thing that I did on a fast whim, but it all came together lovely – and just how I liked it to be.


Overall, I loved every picture I did in some capacity. I enjoyed the entire process of blogging again. I loved that the Challenge brought me back into blogging for something other than just to blog. It brought out creativity and making me remember why I love being artistic, crafty, and playing with colors and things.

Thank you, Luna. Thank you so much!

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Alphabet Blogging Challenge – I

The Alphabet Blogging Challenge is doing I now, and I’m ready for it! Actually I’m early for it…but I like being early! Catch up in another challenge for me was difficult because I came into it late, and finally catching up to that and matching post times to actual real time posts was very nice. So I would like to stay ahead with the rest of my challenges!

Letter I. Again, I brought in a friend to pose, and I used their ideas and what they wanted to do with the items. This model/friend is Tobias Emerald, and he’s a role-player and normally has on this long leather kilt like armor thing on, no shirt, and looks pretty tribal. For this, he changed, well except his hair…but his hair is what makes him who he is, and I’d never want him to change that!

Thank you, Tobias!

Letter I

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Alphabet Blogging Challenge – H

The Alphabet Blogging Challenge is doing H! So here’s my input for H!

I decided to leave myself alone for awhile and just be a photographer so I could focus on my love of others. I love people in Second Life and their styles. Everyone has a style, and some have many! I have several friends to rely on with information, ideas, and creative streaks. That helps a lot sometimes with my mind. Mainly due to how my mind works lately. I won’t go into that, but let’s just say, it’s been a long road and I’m still going uphill most the time!

The model for this picture is Jayneese Whiteberry. She was dancing and moving and with that deep, beautiful skin of hers I knew she would stand out in a picture. I picked her for H randomly. She found some items, we went about with pictures, and this one just came out of no where. I like it very much!

Letter H

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