My Blog Challenge – OMG – What am I thinking?

I was thinking about a blog challenge to do on my own for so long that I decided to just…start a group on Flickr and start posting on my own, and if anyone follows…that’s cool, and if not, that’s ok too! I want to do this for me because I love music. Music is something that feeds me in so many ways! Along the way of hanging out in SL and just enjoying a few shopping trips, I noticed Designers have radio stations playing that they like…and I started to pay attention to how it affected my shopping!

I thought, why not make a musical to design challenge? I don’t know enough people because I’m a SL hermit (Oh I really am…) to back this up, really, but I’m hoping…that maybe..some word to mouth things may happen!

The way this is going to work is…I’m going to pick out songs from various genres and use the title of the song, and even the lyrics..or the way it makes me feel…to create an outfit to echo what the music does to me. Maybe something fun, maybe something emotional…something gorgeous or pretty..something rockin’ or punked out!! Just as long is makes me feel SOMETHING with my music and style sense!

This will go on for several weeks. I’m not sure how many yet, maybe, 30? Maybe more. I just know that I want to do this so badly I’m being crazy and starting all of this!!!?

Yep, I’m crazy..oh gosh am I crazy…

Name of the Blog Challenge: Music to Design Blog Challenge

Flickr location: Music to Design

First official post coming up!!

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